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EB Packaging installs Amut extrusion line

Oct 11, 2023

Since 1995, EB Packaging has been involved in the manufacturing and trading of packaging materials, such as stretch film, plastic bags, PE foam, air bubble films and adhesive tape.

The Amut cast line is 2000mm-wide and configured for producing seven-layer films.

Mr Siow Chew Kiong, EB Packaging CEO, commented: ‘We were really impressed about the performance of this machine: we reached the maximum speed of 900 m/min in winding and the maximum line output of 1700kg/h during the acceptance test.

‘The machine was tested with thin 2in cores with very successful results: the rolls were well wound, without tail, at very high speed.’

He continued: ‘After the tests with 2in cores, we proceeded with 3in roll production. We produced perfect machine rolls and even jumbo rolls of 50kg weight.’

The installation includes Amut's ProWind 4.0 winder, ma system for weighing each roll before unloading, meaning there is no need to manually weight the rolls before packing them on the pallet noted Mr Siow.

Water-cooled drives for the extruders are also included, with Mr Teo Kee Lin, executive director at EB Packaging, explaining: ‘Because of the equatorial climate of Malaysia, we are cautious about the working temperature of all electronic parts. The solution supplied by Amut is brilliant. Not only the container with electronic parts is air-conditioned but also all the drives for extruders placed inside the container are water-cooled, so overheating is impossible.’

Saša Davidović, sales director of Amut's packaging film division, said: ‘I think that this is just the beginning of a long collaboration. Through the rolls produced with this new line, EB Packaging will be able to supply top quality films even to the most demanding markets.

‘The order for a second line of same type will be very soon approved,’ Davidović added.

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