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Amcor Opens Healthcare Packaging Plant in Singapore

Apr 27, 2023

Posted by staff | Dec 02, 2021

Amcor has opened a dedicated healthcare packaging facility in Tuas, Singapore. The plant will address current and future market needs, as demand for healthcare packaging is rapidly increasing across the region, said Amcor.

The Tuas facility includes cleanroom manufacturing environments; three-, seven-, and nine-layer co-extrusion blown film equipment; and state-of-the-art flexographic printing. Quality systems are fully certified to ISO 13485.

"With the Asia Pacific healthcare packaging market expected to grow at more than 8% through 2026, Amcor is laying the foundation to support that growth with this advanced facility in the region," said Amcor's Chief Commercial Officer, Peter Konieczny. "Our innovative and regional approach in this space, coupled with our commitment to sustainability, will ensure our continued industry leadership for customers of all sizes, as well as the environment."

Amcor said that it is also establishing an innovation center for healthcare films in the Singapore plant to drive advances in co-extrusion blown film technology. Amcor will leverage its global product platform and the strengthened innovation capabilities enabled by this center to bring new technologies, innovations, and products to market to serve customers in Asia Pacific.

Amcor has pledged that all of its packaging will be recyclable or reusable by 2025. To that end, the new facility in Singapore uses printing technology that is water based with no solvent emissions. Its multi-layer blown films can produce recycle-ready products and its film technology allows new product innovation with a lower carbon footprint, added the company.

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