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Surprising Products That Are Made Using Plastic Extrusion

Sep 18, 2023

by BOSS Editorial | Published: November 30, 2022 | Updated: November 30, 2022 11:42 am

Plastic is unquestionably one of the most versatile materials used in modern manufacturing. Plastic extruders are essential for molding plastic into various shapes, sizes, and structures needed to produce a diverse range of products. Plastic extrusion is more cost-effective than other processes because it can continuously produce large volumes of material.

In comparison to other manufacturing processes, plastic extrusion is particularly effective at producing plastic parts with uniform wall thicknesses as well as longer and wider profiles. Plastic extrusion is a successful and cost-effective manufacturing process for a wide range of goods which will be described in detail below.

Different applications require different plastics, which vary due to how they are made and best suited for specific uses. Plastics are effectively extruded to create various shapes and products for commercial and domestic use.

Plastic extrusion is a high-volume manufacturing method in which unprocessed plastic is melted and molded into a continuous shape. Pipes, tubing, wire insulation, thermoplastic coatings, sheeting and plastic films, window frames, deck railings, fencing, and weather stripping are a few items that companies like Keller Plastics make using extrusion.

The process starts with the input of plastic material (powders, flakes, granules or pellets) into the barrel of the extruder from a hopper. The mechanical energy produced by turning screws and heaters positioned along the barrel gradually melts the material. The liquid polymer is then pressed into a die and given a shape that will harden as it cools.

Only thermoplastics can be extruded since they first need to be melted from a solid state and then resolidified. Due to its characteristics, this form of plastic is suitable for recycling used products and scrap materials. Two of the most used thermoplastics for plastic extrusion are PVC and polypropylene. Have a look at a few applications of plastic extrusion.

The packaging business makes extensive use of a low-density polymer known as polyethylene. It was typically used to produce liner material and waste bags. Blowing film extrusion is used to treat film material to minimize thickness.

In the process of making a blown film, LDPE is first plasticized in an extruder before being blown with air into a tubular structure, where it is then further molded and sealed to resemble a bag.

The ticket and price holders used in merchandise displays, as well as the plastic rails used to hang clothes, and even plastic bags are produced using extrusion and shaped cutting.

Plastic extrusion can also be used to create the insulation used to enclose electrical wires. To do this, a wire is inserted into the die, and plastic is extruded around the wire to create an insulating layer.

The wire must be protected while yet being flexible and having some abrasion resistance for the insulation to function at its best. The plastic coating shields the wire from adverse reactions to gases and water. Plastic works well for insulating any form of wire, electrical or not, because it is non-corrosive and non-reactive.

Other cable types can also go through this extrusion process to make them more manageable, waterproof, and resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Electrical wire is pulled through a die to form the insulated tubing, and then the insulation is extruded around it to form a tight fit.

Unbeknownst to many, plastic extrusion plays a far larger part in the automotive sector. Numerous automotive components are only made possible by the procedure. Windscreen wipers, door and window seals, wiring covers, and engine hoses are a few examples.

Extruded plastics may be molded into many different sizes and shapes, making them perfect for construction.

Park benches and decking planks are common applications for extruded plastics in this sector. Because they are much lighter and more affordable than solid wood while still allowing you the flexibility to cut the planks to the length you require, extruded polymers perform well for both of these uses.

The most popular plastic extruded pipes are PVC water and sewer pipes. Other polymers are used to transport liquids and gases in industrial settings that PVC might not be able to. For bigger sewer pipes, which are among the largest plastic extrusions discovered, diameters of several feet are common.

Micro-miniature medical tubes, which can have an OD of less than.010, are at the other extremity of the spectrum. Transporting soda in a drinking straw, fuel for small gasoline motors, and oxygen in the ICU all require plastic tubing.

Impact-resistant polycarbonate sheeting is used in machine guards and window glazing. Thin films up to several inches in thickness are produced in their manufacturing process. Thin sheets of acrylic plastic are also extruded for use as glass substitutes.

Modern retail packaging uses blister packs, extruded hard films that are softened by heat and then molded in a mold to their proper shape. It also frequently uses extruded clear plastic films for short-term food protection.

Among common items made by plastic extrusion but frequently disregarded is sporting equipment. Examples of this include football goals, sports field hurdles, and even fishing rods.

You may not have given it much thought, yet plastic extrusion is used to create diverse everyday items. For this method, plastic straws make a perfect design example. Also, extruded blow molding is used to create some beverage bottles. This occurs after the product has gone through the die and is inflated with compressed air.

The adaptability of plastic extrusion is a plus. By combining two plastics, both being compatible, into one, the procedure can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a product. It can also create items with a variety of rigidities. While a cross-section profile is a requirement for all designs, the final product's intended use can vary greatly.

Compared to the many different applications for which extruded plastics can be used, this is just a small list of the most common uses.

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